About Ybann

Ybann is about limitless possibilities. Ybann is about individualism. Ybann is about connecting people of various backgrounds with the same interest. Ybann is about expanding your mind and experience. Ybann is about expressing yourself.

This was the vision of our founder. From that vision came a revolutionary social platform developed by a group of individuals of different ages, culture, experiences, and technical and creative skills. Ybann provides three separate platforms for standard users, musicians, and businesses, which are then integrated into one seamless social media experience. This feature allows an individual to keep his or her personal and professional life separated.

As an interest-based social media, our mission is to connect people with similar interests. Users from all over the world can share their posts to a main interest page. Users can also create their own unique interest page where they can invite their friends and other users to engage with one another about the interest. Our all-in-one platform allows users to stay updated on current topics through the newsstand, discover new musicians and listen to their songs while browsing the site, and follow businesses. Favorite posts can be saved to the clipboard for future viewing. Ybann allows new and upcoming musicians to promote their music to current and new fans, “announce” and promote upcoming gigs, plan jam sessions and network with other musicians. On Ybann, businesses will be able to promote their product or service and showcase upcoming events. The future check-in function will allow venues to anticipate the time and number of people arriving to its location. Ybann provides a multitude of features and functionality for each user. Get ready to make this site Your World, Your Way.

Ybann LLC, PO Box 1658, Hawthorne, CA 90251.